Brilliant Bouncy Birthday Bonanza


first thing’s first – four word alliteration in the title? I feel like I deserve extra Literary Points and I also feel like Literary Points should be a thing. John Green can have twelve.

I’ve got off topic before I’ve even started. Thursday 11th September was my birthday, I turned 18 at 5.12am. I fell asleep 17 and woke up 18 (that freaks me out a little bit!) and had a fantastic day at school – my friends treated me, we had cake and then I went to my ballet class that evening and had a legitimately lovely day!

The following Saturday I had a party with some of my family and friends. Just like the mature 18 year old I am, I had a bouncy castle in my back garden and a Spider-Man/elephant/Ashton Irwin themed cake.

Elephant cake with Spider-Man suit and Ashton Irwin bandana and hair!
Blowing out 18 candles is a lot easier when the wind does it for you! 
Who pretended to model the icing hair? Oh yes, that was the shiny new ‘adult’ who had a bouncy castle party. 

 My Mum is absolutely fantastic baker and I’m so lucky that she is willing to go along with my silly ideas – I love Spider-Man and 5 Seconds of Summer and she did everything she could including a plastic Spider-Man table cloth, Spider-Man paper plates and a giant, inflatable, inappropriately positioned Spider-Man balloon.

My Mum found this overwhelmingly entertaining when she asked me to pose beneath it but I’ll leave that to rest there.

Let’s take it back to the fun stuff – the bouncy castle! It was an adult bouncy castle so we weren’t going to break a children’s toy but we had so much fun – my god mother’s young children had a whale of a time and my friends and I had a great night too. 

This is a picture of me on the bouncy castle that my sister took and I couldn’t think of any other excuse to include it so here it is.

Here’s an action shot to deflate my ego a little bit.

It was a fantastic afternoon with family, a wonderful evening and night with my closest friends who couldn’t have made me feel more loved. It was so nice to just have an 18th gathering (I think it was too tame to really be a party) with my friends where we could just drink casually and not feel the need to get drunk like at so many other stereotypical teenage parties. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by the people I have and this didn’t take many pictures in the evening. To round it all off, here’s a few more pictures from the day.

Katy and Jenny – two of my best friends and fellow 5SOS ‘enthusiasts’ (fangirls)

I’m definitely not a poser, Jenny will definitely not steal your children and Katy is definitely not the best dancer you’ve ever seen. Definitely not.

What can I say – I actually like this photo and I don’t often find photos I like so I’m rolling with it!

Apparently this is really pretty but I’m not taking anyone’s word for that!

This one’s definitely my favourite – Jenny and I have known each other for about fifteen years now and she’s one of the most important people in my life. I love this natural picture of us laughing and happy – love you a whole lot Jen!

Myself, my nan and my mum – three generations of family and I love them all dearly.
A spectacularly flattering and extra swaggy action shot of Jenny

These girls are the sisters I chose, love them both with all my heart!

Jenny thought lying on me was a suitable way to Christen the bouncy castle.

I also made a YouTube video about the day that you can watch here: Bouncy Castle Adventures

Thank you to everyone that shared my birthday with me, to anyone reading this and especially to the guy that thought creating an adult bouncy castle was a good idea. 

‘My name’s Sophie and I can vote in the next general election (this should not be allowed)’

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